|VIDS| Chundoong’s Skills/Capabilities: Part 1

You may have already watched these vids, but you might have overlooked something so here goes.. =)

IA Final Ep cut

cr. airtowns
→ Doongie did the choreography for his own performance. He also edited the music Mir used for his solo performance. ( I was trying to find a cut for Mir’s performance but I couldn’t find any.) This info is mentioned if you watch the subbed version of this episode. And…. the comments in this vid are love.. =)

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|MAG| ASTA TV August 2010 Vol. 37

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|VIDS+TWEETS| Chundoong Speaking Tagalog

MBLAQ’s greeting to Malaysian fans – starts at 0:44
→ I’m not sure when they shot this but they released this vid end of July 2010

Credit: Kul82014

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|VID| 100727 Last recording of The M Wave

Credit: That’s Right
Source: bestiz
Re-up: ohthunder

|PICS| Chundoong during M Wave recording

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Credit: Irene Kale
Source: bestiz