Screencaps: 130503 Thunder and His Many Adorable Facial Expressions as JIN in ‘NSP’ Teaser

Overfamiliar, happy-go-lucky, busybody Jin is the best! Haha! I just love his facial expressions!

MBC퀸 - 네일샵 파리스 2회 예고 ( KARA 박규리, 전지후, MBLAQ 천둥, 송재림, 한소영).mp4_000002569 MBC퀸 - 네일샵 파리스 2회 예고 ( KARA 박규리, 전지후, MBLAQ 천둥, 송재림, 한소영).mp4_000019185 MBC퀸 - 네일샵 파리스 2회 예고 ( KARA 박규리, 전지후, MBLAQ 천둥, 송재림, 한소영).mp4_000006806

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[UPDATED!] Video: 130503 [TEASER] Thunder is overfamiliar busybody JIN in ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama

Hahahaha~! I seriously can’t with Thunder as Jin! He’s just asking to be argued with! Just going into people’s bubbles and Yeoju can’t have that! lol

Rough Translations/Notes 


Jin: “Wah, Hyung, should we got a jimjilbang then?” (Jimjilbang is a korean bathhouse/spa place)


Jin the overexcited goofball toldAlex (Jeon Jihoo) and Yeoju (Gyuri) they should go inside the steam rooms


Jin: “What’s this?”

Yeoju: “mp3! It’s an mp3!”

Jin said something about Yeoju being strange and Yeoju got flustered and denied it XD

Rough translations by: kamepichan@OhThunder
Source: MBCplusm

HD Video: [TEASER] 130502 Selca-taking Thunder for ‘Nail Shop Paris’ 2nd Teaser

kkk Aigoo, Doongie is forever taking selcas of himself in this drama~ ♥ I want a selca with him too!

Source: blueever222k23


Screencaps: 130501 Thunder is shocked and cute at ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama trailer

So many caps +___+ so many aegyo Doong! kkk Seriously, I’m just going to have a grand time capping each episode and every reaction of Doong!

gyuldoong doongah reindeer MBC플러스미디어 국내 최초 네일아트드라마 네일샵파리스 SPOT 모음.mp4_000086878 MBC플러스미디어 국내 최초 네일아트드라마 네일샵파리스 SPOT 모음.mp4_000089214

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Screencapped by: kamepichan@OhThunder

Video: [TEASER] Thunder aka JIN walks in on Gyuri in ‘Nail Shop Paris’ drama trailer?!

Gah! Just saw this trailer and sooooo intrigued who Gyuri really ends up with! Jaerim or Jihoo! But omo, did Thunder just walk in on Gyuri who finished showering? Is it possible that he is the only character that knows Gyuri is a girl? GAH, so many questions! Let’s wait on Friday!

Source: Lee PD