Video: [PERF] 130727 – MBLAQ Performs ‘Smoky Girl’ + ‘Its War’ on Ulsan Summer Festival

Thunder looks like he has no make-up on ♥

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{UPDATED!!!} Video: 130511 [FANCAM] MBLAQ performances + talk at Ulsan Upsquare Event

LMFAO Joon and Thunder teasing Seungho to do aegyo~~~ And of course, our Yang Aegyo!

Seungho Aegyo Challenge + OH YEAH

Mona Lisa


Talk + Seungho Aegyo Challenge

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More HD Photos: [FANTAKEN] Part 2 of Enthrallingly Pink Thunder at Ulsan Upsquare Opening Ceremony

HD guys! HOMGGG. He’s so handsome it hurts ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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HD Photos: [130511] Enchanting Thunder at Ulsan Upsquare Opening Ceremony

HOMG, Thunder is just rocking this pink hair! Seriously *o* he just looks so good! UGH and his shoulders and chest are just so broad in this outfit and he’s just so adorable with his smile! GAH *-* THANK YOU KOREAN A+s who take these wonderful pics ♥


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