Photos: [FANTAKEN] Unseen(?) Solo Shots of MBLAQ at ‘Sexy Beat’ Photobook!

Ah, to be clear these pictures seemed to be included in the ‘Sexy Beat’ album where a photobook is included ^^ I’m posting since some hasn’t seen it~

1371960979853_P130623_121647 1371960978467_P130622_215823_edit_1 1371960970216_P130622_205420_edit_1 1371960981146_P130623_121730 1371960980562_P130623_121706


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Photo: [130503] Unseen photo of Thunder and GO with a couple at a restaurant

Judging from Thunder’s temporary tattoos, this seemed to be after their MBLAQ concert ^^ I wonder who the couple are~


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[UPDATED] Photos: 130429 Doll-like Thunder drama still cuts + main cast of ‘Nail Shop Paris’

IMG_4222 (1) IMG_9036_1 (1) IMG_6080



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Photos: 130423 Unseen pictures of Thunder and Mir with K-Tigers Taekwondo’s Hong Sung Pyo

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Photo: 130413 Unseen photo of adorable MBLAQ posing with an unknown man

Gah, I love that brown hair on Thunder and MBLAQ just looks so young ♥ I miss them T-T


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