HD Photos: [FANTAKEN] 130519 Cheerful Thunder + MBLAQ at Dream Team 2 Recording!

GAH, HD photos ♥ Always thank you, That’s Right ㅠㅠ But omona, those pics with Thunder staring and carrying that girl… >_< omo.

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Source: thatsright
Re-uploaded by: kamepichan@OhThunder

|VID| Cheondung’s BTS Interview for Raising Idols DVD

With so much thanks to our friends at Cheondung’s Korean fansite, That’s Right and the amazing uploader Toku, we bring you the BTS interview from the Beautiful Teacher’s Raising Idols DVD (Thunder Cut) that’s being released in Japan. You see some of the BTS of him shooting the Chapstick MV. ^^

The DVD is also available in YesAsia! 😀

Credits to Toku @ That’s Right/WithThunder

Please don’t take out without credits! Thanks.

|FCAM| 101028 Rehearsal – G20 Event

Oh, WithThunder pips were there when he wore one of their birthday gifts. How nice. WithThunder / That’s Right must be really happy to see him wear that. 😀

cr. That’s Right/ http://www.withthunder.com

|PICS| 101007 WithThunder’s Gifts to Cheondoong

Wow! WithThunder’s gifts to ChundoongThunderDoongie is really awesome!! They really prepared and planned for it. So much love for our birthday boy.. ♥♥♥

Click here to see their gifts..