|FCAMS| 110308 MBLAQ in Thailand: DTAC Event

Just sharing some fancams I saw. Thanks to all the uploaders sharing their wonderful fancams.

Airport Arrival

cr. naruudon

Watch fancams of their introduction and performances here..

|CLIP| 110304 MBLAQ with T-ara and 5Dolls

Nothing much, its just that I spy JoonDoong that’s why I’d like to share it.
And MC Thunder with his mini-speakerphone.. 🙂  He couldn’t find his timing though.. hehe..

credit: kocueuny

|CAPS+VID| 110223 MBLAQ @ Pops in Seoul

Only Seungho, Doongie and Joon appeared in this show. But on the bright side, it got my two favorite Doongie pairings: SeungDoong and JoonDoong 😀

Source: Bestiz

More caps and the vid under the cut!

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|PICS| 110213 MBLAQ at Fan signing event

Only Doongie, Seungho and G.O were present. Get well soon Joon and Mir!

Only 2 for now. Not sure if their will be mor, but will update IF founding new ones!

Credit as tagged

|SCANS| 110120 MBLAQ in VOGUE (Feb issue)

So we gave you the web pics of the Vogue-photshoot here: https://ohthunder.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/pics-110119-mblaq-for-vogue-korea/

And here is the scans of the magazine! ^^ Cheondung definitely got some model qualities 😀  They love to put Joon and Cheondung in the same pic?~

Credits to 마도로스지 @ Bestiz

More after the cut!

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