|VID| 110110 BTS of MBLAQ’s CRY MV

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|VID| 110110 MBLAQ -Stay teaser ver.2

Holy Moly!!! 😀

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|PICS| 110107 Official Promo Of “BLAQSTYLE”

Looking gorgeous in black^^ What do you think? Feeling excited? 😀

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|VID| 101229 MBLAQ’s 1st Album Teaser


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|VID| 101227 MBLAQ NHK BS1 Asian Cross Road Interview

Cr: Y진리 @ Bestiz
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CD:” I’m really cute….I’m sorry. ”
comment by kikiminn @ youtube

Imagine Johnny Depp acting as hyper bangaji Mir! Can’t help but laugh too. And Thunder is laughing by himself just by the thought of Justin Timberlake acting as him. 😀