Videos: [FANCAMS] 130824 – MBLAQ @ ‘Love Beat’ Yeouido Fan-sign Event!

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Videos: [FANCAMS] 130824 – MBLAQ @ ‘Love Beat’ Shinchon Fan-sign Event!

That hair again ♥ Eeek, my new favourite hair~~ hehehehe, and Thunder’s facial expressions are so cute!


Thunder using a ‘monsterhand’ to interview MBLAQ members

Closing (+ Joon becoming a “present” ♥)

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HQ Photos: [FAN-TAKEN] 130824 – Thunder’s Spiffy New Hairstyle @ MBLAQ ‘Love Beat’ Yeouido Fan-sign!

HOMGG, I need more HD/HQ pics of his hairstyle here ♥ He looks too gorgeous!

Untitled-1_copy IMG_493 IMG_491 IMG_482

More under the cut!

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Photos: [FANTAKEN] 130621 – Thunder + MBLAQ at Yeouido Fan-sign Event!

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Photo: [130621] Thunder’s Cute Post-It Replies for Fans at Yeouido Fan-Sign Event!


Fan: “What was the best food that Dara noona made?”

Thunder: “Ramyun… cup..”


A fan asked Thunder to draw Dadoongie and he did! kkk so cute!

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