Videos: [FANCAMS] 130815 – MBLAQ ‘I Don’t Know’ Performance + Talk Section @ Zepp Tokyo Concert!

Buncha cuteness that is MBLAQ~ Seriously, I love how funny and free will MBLAQ is in their concerts! It’s one of their appeals! They do everything that’s fun and they love doing it! It was funny when at the end of ‘I Don’t Know’ instead of Mir saying “Cheondung hyung” per their usual choreo but he said “Park Sanghyun!!” and they both did some kungfu(?) thing XD lol

I don’t know

MC Talk Section

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Videos: [FANCAMS] 130815 – Hilarious Thunder Cosplays as Dara + JoonDoong Covers 2NE1’s IATB!

I CANNOT WITH THIS OTL Seriously about just died laughing XD Ahahaha! This is so hilarious! Joon’s cover of SNSD and Kara and then, our bby boy Thunder dressing up as Dara with the palm tree hair and the skirt! This is priceless! I wish I was there! Ahahahahahha!

Thunder focused performing 2NE1’s ‘I am the Best’

Joon covering SNSD/Kara + Thunder covering 2NE1’s IATB

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Photos: [FACEBOOK] 130821 – Thunder Rides a Kiddie Bicycle + 2013 MBLAQ SENSATION ZEPP TOUR in Tokyo!

Hahahaha! Too cute! Thunder, what are you doing riding in that tiny bicycle XD ♥

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Video: [130625] MBLAQ – The ‘BLAQ FUN-CH’ in Zepp Tokyo on Han-Chu TV!

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Video: 130517 [FANCAM] Thunder’s Silly Voicebox Skit at MBLAQ Tokyo Zepp Event

Hahaha, lol what even? XD Thunder, you’re so random!

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