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150414: “Make a Woman Cry” drama press conference


Cheondung’s Instagram post

150331: That’s Right will continue to receive donations until April 4! Last March 28, we were able to send That’s Right $50 worth of donations that we collected~ Thank you for your donations 🙂

150325: We’ll be accepting donations until March 28 (this Saturday) only before we forward them to That’s Right~ Thanks to all those who donated ❤ 🙂

That’s Right is holding a fundraising event this month of March to give Doongie a rice wreath in support of his new drama Make A Woman Cry this April. The amount of rice raised for the support will be given to those in need under the name of Cheondung and his fandom. Any amount of donation is welcome, but That’s Right will also be sending gifts for those who donate more than $20.


Want to donate and get special gifts, but can’t raise up to $20, $40 or more?

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About OhThunder

This fanblog has had it’s ups and downs since it began in 2010, has been through the hands of different admins and staff, but it has also become a sort of treasure cove for so many of Doongie’s memories through all the years ❤ ^.^

We thank all our readers who have been quietly following us and occasionally leaving their comments. Although recently we haven't been as active as before, as Doongie's fans, we are always just watching over him, ready to give our support, and we will continue to do so in the many days, weeks, months and years to come.

We hope to continue to update you on Doongie's future activities through this blog and and our twitter.

Much love ❤

[!] Please Don’t Forget to Vote on MBLAQ at M Countdown

Vote on this link –> M Countdown Voting

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[GUIDE] Music Show Criteria/Physical Sales/Digital Sales+Streaming/Online Voting/Live SMS Voting/SNS Points

Source: NETIZ9N (it’s from a SONE tumblr account please do give credits when sharing!)


Music Show Criteria

M! Countdown

  • 50% Digital Single sales (Melon, Soribada, Bugs, etc)
  • 10% Album Sales (Hanteo, Synnara, Hot tracks, etc)
  • 10% Social Media Score (Youtube + Twitter)
  • 10% Rating (Fan voting + Age Preference)
  • 10% Broadcast Score
  • 10% Live Voting

Music Bank

  • 65% Digital Sales (Melon, Soribada, Bugs, etc)
  • 20% Broadcast Points (Frequency of appearances on KBS TV and Radio shows, song plays)
  • 10% Voting (requires KSSN, international fans cannot vote)
  • 5% Physical Sales (Hanteo, Synnara, Hot tracks, etc)

Show! Music Core

  • 70% Physical + Digital Sales (Hanteo, Synnara, Hot tracks, etc) + (Melon, Soribada, Bugs, etc)
  • 10% Music Video Views (must be from official channel)
  • 10% Pre-Voting (voting through MBC’s website, voted by a committee of 2000 people)
  • 10% Live Voting (top 3 nominees eligible only)


  • 60% Digital Sales
  • 35% SNS Score (Youtube + Twitter, uses Gaon’s Social Chart Rankings)
  • 5% Pre-Voting (voting through mobile app ‘엠앤TV톡’)
  • 10% Live Voting (only top 3 artists are eligible)


Physical Sales

There are two major charts that monitor physical album sales in Korea: Hanteo and Gaon.

Hanteo chart counts daily, weekly, and monthly sales. Hanteo chart is used to count towards music show charts. A lot of stores send their sale counts to Hanteo to record, but not all do.

Gaon chart counts weekly, monthly and yearly physical and digital sales. Along with Hanteo, the Gaon chart is crucial for end-year award shows.

Sales from the following online stores count towards Hanteo and Gaon:


Leesmusic | Applemusic | Synnara | Dvdheaven | YesAsia Kpoptown | Kpopmart



Digital Sales/Downloads + Streaming

Downloads/streams from the following sites contribute toward digital sales:

MelOn | Bugs | Mnet | Soribada | Olleh | Monkey3 | Cyworld | Genie

Downloading is when you buy a song and save it to your personal device (ex. iPod). It is similar to purchasing a song on iTunes.

Streaming is when you play a song through a respective site’s player or mobile application. This is similar to Spotify. Downloading the song and playing it through iTunes/Winamp/etc is not streaming.

MelOn is Korea’s largest digital music store. It dominates over 50% of the digital market. MelOn’s chart is heavily dependent on streaming. Unless you pay, you will only be able to stream 1 minute previews. We are unsure whether or not looping these 1 minute previews count towards streaming but it’s worth a try, right?

A guide on how to stream songs from MelOn can be found here.


Online Voting

Click here to vote on M! Countdown. Use your Mnet, Twitter, and Facebook account for 3 votes. Making an Mnet account is easy as the site is available in English. You can also vote on Mnet’s Korean website. One vote per account. This counts for 5% of M! Countdown’s criteria.

Music Bank requires KSSN. Foreigners cannot vote.

Voting on Show! Music Core is done by registering an MBC ID and applying to become a part of a special 2000 viewer committee. This counts for 10% of Show! Music Core’s criteria. Click here for a guide on how to apply to the committee.

Voting on Inkigayo is done by using the ‘엠앤TV톡’ mobile application. For Apple users, click here to download. Android users, click here. This counts for 5% of Inkigayo’s criteria.  A guide on how to vote using the ’엠앤TV톡’ app can be found here.


Live SMS Voting

Real-time voting is done when the music show is live. An MC will signal when fans can start voting. One vote per mobile number. Charges may apply. It is best to text from a phone but you may also try smsrr or e-freesms (however, your vote may not be accepted). Your message must contain the group’s name in Korean: 엠블랙

M! Countdown 

  • Vote for MBLAQ if they are in the top 3.
  • Text 엠블랙 to +822566 or 00822566 (2566 if you are residing in Korea)
  • This is worth 10% of M! Countdown’s criteria..

Show! Music Core

  • Vote for MBLAQ if they are in the top 3.
  • Text 엠블랙 to +820505 or 00820505 (0505 if you are residing in Korea)
  • Music Core REQUIRES you to vote for two nominees. For example, if TVXQ! and 2NE1 are nominated along with MBLAQ, you must vote for one of them along with MBLAQ. I would send “엠블랙,동방신기”, which means I’d be voting for MBLAQ and TVXQ.
  • This is worth 10% of Show! Music Core’s criteria.


  • Vote for MBLAQ if they are in the top 3.
  • Text 엠블랙 to +821245 or 00821245 (1245 if you are residing in Korea)
  • This is worth 10% of Inkigayo’s criteria.


SNS Points

SNS points are worth 10% of M! Countdown’s criteria and a whopping 35% of Inkigayo’s criteria. SNS points are mainly gathered through:

  • Streaming MBLAQ music video from JTune Camp’s Official Youtube Page
  • Stream performances uploaded on broadcast’s official channels: SBS | MBC | MNet
  • Like, favorite, and comment on the MV/live performances
  • Make sure to play the videos in full
  • Tweet with the following hashtags on Twitter: (hashtag that will be used for the Comeblaq) (+ a random message). It is recommended to use a maximum of 2 hashtags in a tweet or your tweet may be marked as spam. Make sure your account is a public account for tweets to count.
  • Search MBLAQ on NateNaver, and Daum

Spread this guide on forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Please give credit.


*I’ll update this before the Comeblaq begins~

Join MBLAQ’s Fan Café

For all A+ who haven’t joined MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe~



1. Go to Daum site and click in ‘Sign up’.

  • Ve al sitio de Daum  dale click a ‘Registrar’.

*إذهبوا إلى موقع Daum و إضغطوا على ’Sign Up’

1 2. Click in the right button.

  • Dale click al botón de la derecha.

*إضغطوا على الزر الأيمن

2 3. Insert your e-mail address, your name, click the blue button next to it and accept the pop-up message.

  • Ingresa tu e-mail, tu nombre, dale al click al botón junto a el y acepta en el mensaje pop-up.

*أدخلوا بريدكم الإلكتروني و إسمكم ثم إضغطوا على الزر الأزرق و إقبلوا الشاشة التي ستظهر جانبياً

4 4. Daum will send a message with a number code to your e-mail.

  • Daum te enviará un mensaje con un código numérico a tu e-mail.

*سيقوم موقع Daum بإرسال رسالة مع رقم إلى بريدكم الإلكتروني

5 5. You should had received this kind of message, copy the number code.

  • Deberías haber recibido un mensaje…

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