[IU TWITTER] 120721 “Hehe. I was jealous!”

Love love how IU and Thunder still remain friends over the years ♥

오늘은 엄마랑~친한 연습생친구들이랑 엠블랙콘서트 다녀왔어요! 남자 그룹 콘서트는 역시 손짓 하나에도 여자분들 함성이 장난아니네요ㅋㅋ부러웠음! 아 또 콘서트하고싶다!

Today, I went to the MBLAQ concert with my mom and close trainee friends! Male group concerts are definitely no joke with the girls screaming at even a simple hand gesture. Hehe. I was jealous! Ah I want to have another concert!”

Source: IU’s twitter, enewsworld
Re-posted by: kamepi_chan@OhThunder

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