|VIDS+TWEETS| Chundoong Speaking Tagalog

MBLAQ’s greeting to Malaysian fans – starts at 0:44
→ I’m not sure when they shot this but they released this vid end of July 2010

Credit: Kul82014

211009 MBLAQ’s radio guesting

Credit: janeth0802

But in Chit Chat Ladies, Doongie is slowly losing his Tagalog skills. He said “Ako ay Chundoong.” =( And when he was still using MWave’s twitter he tweeted these:

chundoong is here!! wassssup i am sleepy………….. u guys are giving me energy tho….salamat
4:28 PM Jun 15th via web

i will sleep soon… but eat first! hh im forgetting tagalog a littl =[ sadddd
4:40 PM Jun 15th via web

Credit: Mwave Twitter

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