Video: [CUT] 130304 Thunder phone calls Han SoYoung at Singles2 show Episode 3 + ROUGH TRANSLATION

Oh. my. gosh. O____O Had to do a bit of research but the girl who Thunder called, the girl in the blue flower print jersey, was Han SoYoung and I couldn’t really find any information other than that she seems to be a model and a ‘bagel girl’ (baby face with glamorous figure). O____O How does Thunder know her? Omo… =/////= Here’s me and my imagination of Thunder and his own posse of models. Including Song Jaerim.  If you read my rough translations, it seems that Thunder and Han SoYoung got to know each other from drama filming? o___o So by that logic, I think it’s safe to assume that she will be in the drama (and Thunder mentions girlfriend? maybe his character’s girlfriend? O____O)


Note: This is my rough translations and I do not speak fluent Korean but I do understand most of it. Should there be any mistakes please tweet @OhThunder or leave a comment and I will correct it.

Han SoYoung (right), NS Yoonji (middle), Clara (left)

*phone rings*

SoYoung: “Oh, it’s Chundoong~!”

Clara: “Oh?”

SoYoung: “Chundoongie~ MBLAQ~”

Clara: “Sandara Park’s brother?”

Yoonji: “Is it really Chundoong?”

SoYoung: “Doong~!”

Thunder: “Yes~”

SoYoung: What are you doing?

*MBLAQ’s “It’s War” comes on, on the captions something about amazing visuals. MBLAQ Chundoong”

SoYoung: “Doong~ What are you doing?”

Thunder congratuled her on something and Yoonji clapped.

SoYoung: “Ah, really? Thanks~”

Clara: “Hello, I am Clara.”

Yoonji: “Nice to meet you, I am NS Yoonji.”

Thunder: “Oh, nice to meet you, nice to meet you.”

I think SoYoung said that she is with her *unni and *dongsaeng.

Clara: “Since when have the two of you been friends?”

I think Thunder said something about a recent drama filming. (It could be for ‘Nail Shop Paris’ but I haven’t read that Han SoYoung is part of cast :< )

Yoonji asked something about romance and lovers? Then Clara said something similar to ‘Where do you go?’

*Yoonji and Clara squeals LMFAO*

Yoonji asked something about Thunder’s ideal type and possible is SoYoung his ideal type.

Yoonji: *covers SoYoungs ears*

Thunder: “Uh….”

Not sure but Thunder might have said that SoYoung is far from his ideal type (LMFAO Doong!)

SoYoung: “YA! DOONG-AH!”

SoYoung: “Out of the three of us, who is your ideal type?” (or close to his ideal type)

Thunder: “Uh…”

SoYoung looks at her phone, Yoonji cocks her hand at her ears.

Thunder: “Hmm….”

SoYoung: “Tell me/us!”

Thunder: “The girlfriend in the drama, SoYoung noona!”

Yoonji said something about Thunder’s ideal type and there must be a lot/variety?

Yoonji: “Mine’s is G.O-ssi~” or “I like G.O~”

Thunder: “Oh, who is this?”

Yoonji: “This is NS Yoonji~”

Clara: “Mine’s is Chundoong-ssi, this is Clara~ ♥”

Yoonji laughs and pokes fun at Clara XD

I’m not sure but Thunder said something along the lines of when they(?) will play games they don’t/won’t pick her. Then fumes come out of Yoonji XD

Yoonji: “Ah, what the heck!~”

Yoonji, I think says to come out and play/meet with them sometime?

Clara: “Wow, your voice is nice~” or “I like your voice”

Clara: “Please come play/meet with us ~”

Thunder: “Ah, thank you.”

Clara: “Please invite Sandara too~”

Thunder: “Ghahaha.”

SoYoung: “Doong-ah, thank you~ I’ll call you later~”

Clara: “You’re lucky!”

Yoonji said something about ‘dongsaeng’ but I couldn’t understand.

SoYoung: “(He’s) totally cute!”

Source: mblaqthunder1007
Rough translations by: kamepichan@OhThunder

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