140905 Simply K-pop in Chuncheon official MBLAQ performance videos

MBLAQ  – Be A Man

MBLAQ – Mona Lisa

Source: ARIRANG KPOP on YouTube

140830 Chuncheon K-POP Concert Cheondung-focused fancams

Be A Man

This Is War

Mona Lisa

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Photos+Audio Teasers for #MBLAQ Cheondung’s new song #Monster



너 없인 죽어가 내가
Without you, I will die

너 없는 난 의미가 없어
Without you, I am meaningless

Source: J.Tune Camp Official Twitter @jtune_official

Photos/Scans: Thunder + MBLAQ Looking Dapper in MBLAQ ‘Love Beat’ Photocards!

Doong and that suit ♥

1601_001 1596_001 1591_001 1585_001 1580_001 1576_001 1603_001

Source: @kyamaniki87

Photos: [FACEBOOK] 130821 – Thunder Rides a Kiddie Bicycle + 2013 MBLAQ SENSATION ZEPP TOUR in Tokyo!

Hahahaha! Too cute! Thunder, what are you doing riding in that tiny bicycle XD ♥

1208869_554613704599199_1227442313_n 1186143_554613707932532_448928562_n  1000230_554613727932530_546455459_n

Source: jtunecampofficial facebook