Instagram: [150321 yoonjongshin] “Almost no difference from me..”

Singer, songwriter, producer, TV personality and MYSTIC Entertainment’s CEO Yoon Jongshin commented on Producer Cho Youngchul’s photo of Cheondung on Instagram:


sport072 Cheondung runway walking #Cheondung #2015FWSeoulFashionWeek #HanSanghyukDesigner

yoonjongshin By far the most handsome in Mystic.. Almost no difference from me.. #Cheondung=YoonJongShin

sport072 Hyungnim.. That’s a little..

Songwriter Eana Kim also commented:

eanakim Really Jongshin oppa really

eanakim Your words are right

(A/N: Cute banter from the songwriters/producers at Mystic/Apop haha)

Source: Producer Cho Youngchul’s official Instagram
Translation: nekowaniwaniiru@OhThunder

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